Tanglewood Elementary Arts

CMS Talented Visual Artwork

Students participating in the CMS Talented Visual Arts program work to develop technical skills, controlling pencil, pen and a variety of mediums.

Creative ideas in non-objective projects like the Zentangles demonstrate and develop an understanding of how to use pattern, repetition and other basic principles of design as well as how to manipulate a pen to create skilled lines and patterns. The translation of observation skills into capturing shapes, proportions, values, detail and character in works are a major focus for most students in the program. Working from direct observation, photographs and a variety of resources, students have been producing some very note worth art. Many students show amazing skills and are constantly being recognized in a variety of venues.

Celebrating Art, a national anthology of student artwork, typically accepts 10-15% of all the work submitted. Over the last year, more than 25% of the talented middle school art students have been invited to be published in their book. Students are continuing to explore ideas and processes as they commit to exhibit works in a variety of venues including local, statewide, regional and national shows including the Kiwanis Art Show, Louisiana Department of Transportation Aviation Art contest and other invited programs. Keep an eye on Artsonia.com for the every growing portfolio of Central Middle School work, produced by these very talented students.