Tanglewood Elementary School Carpool Map

Tanglewood’s carpool procedures are deemed necessary by East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Department of Traffic Division. 

  • For your child’s safety, we ask that the person picking up the student(s) have the school issued car tag. These can be purchased in the front office or online for $4.00.

  • Carpool takes place in the back of the school. Please be courteous to neighborhood residents.  Do not block the driveways or mailboxes.  Please refer to the map.  

  • Students must enter and exit the car from the passenger side--NO EXCEPTIONS.  Students must be packed and ready to exit the car or driver will need to go to the end of the car pool line to allow the student time to get packed.  

  • Morning Carpool begins at 7:55 AM and ENDS at 8:15 AM. Anyone arriving after 8:15 AM MUST be walked into school by an adult and checked in at the front office.  FOR THE SAFETY OF YOUR CHILD, DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD WALK THROUGH THE BUS DRIVEWAY WITHOUT AN ADULT. 

  • Afternoon Carpool begins at 3:10 PM and ends at 3:30 PM. Do not enter the subdivision or carpool line until 2:30 PM.  After 3:30 PM, students must be picked up in the front of the school. If parents are continually late picking up their child, the student will have to begin riding a bus or paying for aftercare. 

  • If your child is eating breakfast in the cafeteria, they must arrive before 8:10 AM.

  • ****No cars are allowed in the bus driveway unless all buses have arrived and have been unloaded. No cars allowed on Rustling Oaks between Landsdowne and Roundtree (directly in front of school) DURING 7:40 am to 8:15 am. AND 3:00 pm to 3:30 pm.

  • Please drive slowly through the car pool line.  No cellphones or smoking.